Step free access will be provided as will lifts.
The restaurant will be accessed from both Regent St and Regent Terrace. Step free access will be provided.
An operational energy report will be compiled as part of one of the BREEAM credits. This will provide guidance on the proposed operational energy use and this should be used to monitor on going energy and carbon reduction during the life of the building. Step free access will be provided.
The building is being designed to meet BREEAM Excellent rating. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation.
No, the proposals will not lead to an increase in traffic around the site. The ground floor commercial use will remain, meaning there will be no additional traffic beyond the current levels. Furthermore, no parking is proposed for the student accommodation, and students are typically not allowed to have cars unless granted permission by the university. Given the central location, it is expected that students will rely on walking and cycling. Additionally, during the construction period, a construction management plan will be implemented to minimise any potential traffic disruptions caused by the construction work.
No parking is proposed on site.
There will be a construction management plan in place that will include both on-site and out of hours points of contact for neighbours. The contractor will issue regular progress reports and keep the local community informed of activities that may disrupt/disturb.
The energy calculations are still being undertaken however it is envisaged that the EPC rating will be ‘B’ or better.
All energy use is recorded through various check meters and this can be reviewed against the proposed energy targets and the operational energy report to monitor any changes in use.
Water will be metered at key points to enable monitoring of the usage. In addition, low flow sanitaryware will be provided to keep usage minimalised.
19-35 Regent Street is an excellent location for new student accommodation, lying directly opposite Downing College, and in close proximity to local transport links, a wide range of amenities on and off Domus and the green space of Parker’s Piece. Providing student accommodation here will help to meet Downing College’s accommodation need in Cambridge.

Delivering a combination of student accommodation and restaurant space will also provide a use which is in keeping with the student accommodation, college and commercial uses in the surrounding area, with the new residents contributing to the local economy and vibrancy of Regent Street.